Welcome to Pensar SDK’s documentation!

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First steps

If you are new to PensarSDK the section Getting Started is a good place to start.

In particular Why Pensar? defines the position of PensarSDK on the market and it is useful to understand if it suits your needs.

Introduction gives a brief view of PensarSDK, its workflow and its capabilities as well as important concepts to be kept in mind when working with PensarSDK.

Make sure you follow the instructions in the Installation to correctly install PensarSDK on your laptop/desktop since with PensarSDK you can seamless develop on your PC and deploy to Pensar hardware.

Run example application explains you how to run one of the example applications included in PensarSDK.

Create your first application guides you through the creation of your first application. No additional knowledge of PensarSDK is required, you will discover how easy it to use PensarSDK.

Further sections like Structure of the SDK go in a deeper level of detail and explain all features of PensarSDK.

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